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New Start Initiative
Certified Foreclosure Prevention Specialist
"Foreclosure Prevention - Helping Communities "1" at a Time to Stop Foreclosures"

[5.0 star rating]
"Diona Miller is the best in this business. She helped my wife and I on a short sale and was 100% honest."
2/18/2015 - Joseph P. 

[5.0 star rating]
"I was in dire straits when she said she would help me get through this mess with our house going into foreclosure. I was scared, she has kept her word..."
5/30/2014 - Joanne Boyer 

[5.0 star rating] 
"I am so happy with Diona Miller. I am in foreclosure and a trustee sale was eminent. Diona worked with the bank and temporarily got the sale stopped."
5/29/2014 - Beverly LaBruyere 

[5.0 star rating] 
I thought there was no hope for my short sale...Diona made everything look so easy She was very knowledgeable about her business and took care of everything! I'm very thankful for all her hard work! Thank you Diona! 
11/19/2013 - Gina Munoz 

[5.0 star rating] 
"Diona Miller assisted me with my modification for my home and with the complication of these types of transactions with the banks, this is a great help.  She contacted the bank for me and stayed on top of any necessary changes, i.e. documents that the bank requested, documents that needed changing, etc., and there can be a lot of them, depending on the situation with the mortgage.  She was successful in obtaining the modification and I haven't paid the mortgage in many years, (but I am stubborn, and I didn't like what the major banks did to the real estate market, so this is a special case).  But it does reflect on the great amount of patience that Diona has and her perseverance with the Banks.

The best part is that she did not charge one penny for these services, and I applaud her for helping the home owner community,  in Los Angeles, especially in the trail of so many charlatans, cheats, and others that have taken advantage of people during this crisis.  I would recommend Diona's services to anyone that is in need of any real estate services including and especially the loan modification."
02/12/2015 Robert O.

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