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New Start Initiative
Certified Foreclosure Prevention Specialist
"Foreclosure Prevention - Helping Communities "1" at a Time to Stop Foreclosures"
About Us...

New Start Initiative, a division for 1st Priority One Real Estate Inc, (Licensed Brokerage in California and Georgia), was founded in California. We're a team of dedicated professionals.  Our mission is to prevent foreclosures!  Educating and saving the community one home at a time.  We believe in integrity and being transparent!   Our goal is to advocate for the homeowners!  Majority of the homeowners do not know where to begin.  We understand how stressful these times can be. "We've been there".  We know this may be very challenging for homeowners.  Therefore we take action, and advocate for the homeowner. Our services has always been free for the homeowner.
Our goal is to find a solution that fits your needs.  Whether it's a loan modification, deed in lieu, or a short sale.  We'll guide you through that dark tunnel, remove all your stress, and make your future a brighter one.  You'll be glad you did! 

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